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Participate in a stunning and eye-catching neon 3D world to experience the feeling of running with breakneck-speed on the top of various buildings. Test your reaction ability by avoiding all the traps and traveling on dangerous slopes, etc. All of them are the prominent and memorable experiences that Slope game offers players.

No matter whether you’re a big fan of endless running games or just want a game to kill your time, don’t miss a great game like Slope. Play now!

About Slope Game

What is slope game?

Slope game is an endless running game –

A genre of video games in which the player must dodge obstacles as they automatically and continuously scroll onto the screen, with the simple goal of not crashing into anything for as long as possible. When these games offer any sort of context as to why the player character can’t slow down or stop, it’s usually framed as an Escape Sequence (Source: TV Tropes).

Owning full of prominent features of a typical endless running game, Slope is so addictive when offering a simple gameplay but extremely difficult challenges.

With great gameplay and eye-catching neon graphics Slope game is one of the most addictive endless running games in the world.

Being a flash game that was built using Unity 3D, Slope is a browser game – available to play on the web browser (using WebGL). In addition to play slope unblocked on the browser, now, this game has launched a version for Android devices via Android app. For this reason, you also can download this game and play offline on your mobile.


As mentioned above, Slope offers a very simple gameplay. It can say that this is a skill game and requires only the reaction speed to win the game. In slope unblocked, players will control a neon ball that is run automatically in the city at midnight. Their main mission is to control the ball run as far as possible. It sounds very easy, but surely, this isn’t an easy game at all. There are tons of obstacles that displayed in form of the roadblocks, treacherous pits, and killer walls, traps, and sloping roads on the way. Your task is to avoid all of them. Any collision with these obstacles or falling into deep will make you lose and have to restart slope unblocked at the number zero.

In addition, the speed of the ball is increased rapidly when you start the game that requires you to have the quick reaction. The obstacles have also appeared more frequently and the roads are more narrow make slope unblocked become more challenge.

A special point in gameplay of slope game unblocked is that it offers players will a leaderboard. In this board will show the name of people who have the high score in one day, 7 days, 30 days, and all time.

The world record in this game is 417 points and there are several people gained this point. Offering this leaderboard makes Slope game become much more attractive because it increases the competition of the game.

Leaderboard of slope game unblocked on slopex

Leaderboard of slope game unblocked slopex

Prominent features

In addition to the prominent features of a typical endless running game, Slope unblocked offers players lots of other features like:

  • Beautiful neon 3D graphics.
  • Tons of crazy obstacles that make players lose immediately when touching.
  • Many slope tunnels change rapidly that make the game become so difficult and people can’t predict the next obstacles.
  • A leaderboard that allows you to see the best players and try to beat them.
  • Slope unblocked is available to play in full-screen mode.

Full screen button on slope game unblocked slopex

Full screen button on slope game unblocked slopex

Slope Unblocked

Slope unblocked is a special version of the Slope game that allows players to access the game in all areas including the ones where ban the gaming sites. In fact, lots of areas like school, office, restaurant block the gaming sites to prevent people from playing games when they are on work. And in order to play games in these areas, people must access the unblocked version. Not every gaming site offers unblocked games. There are only a few websites can offer Slope unblocked at school version and is a website like that. With this version, you can play slope unblocked anywhere you want even in your school or office without worry about anything. There is nothing can stop you enjoying your favorite game.

Slope Game SlopeX on Google Maps





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